EFFECTIVE 2016 Secretary Responsibilities

1. Phil now checks the post office box. He will send new members.

2. New members: 2 residents per membership
a. Members spreadsheet
b. Web site
i. Add to Address book, resident section
ii. Check for existing contact before adding
c. Send welcome letter to new members
i. Welcome Letter
ii. Receipt of dues
d. Renewing Members: Receipt of dues

Yearly filing of articles of incorporation & annual report:

Monthly Meeting:

  • Call 19th hole to confirm room @ 772-337-0180
  • Week before monthly meeting send email blast reminde
    • Select template
    • Make changes / updates
    • Email to all
  • Create Agenda for the Meeting
    • Make copies to hand out
  • All board members arrive by 6:15pm to set up room


Microsoft Publisher

Save As PDF
Upload to Web Site

Storage facility:
A+ Storage – 772-878-0242

8350 S US Hwy 1
Gate code : 31573
Green 5