A Letter From Our Interim President, Bill Bradley

If you missed the September Board meeting, this email is for you.

We had an unusual set of events occur in September resulting in the President, Vice President, and Secretary resign unexpectedly,  Our President (Cathy)and Secretary (Tammy) are leaving Port St Lucie in October.  Our VP (Sandy P) had other issues that crowded her schedule and she could not continue in that role. She did agree to take care of our website.  (Thank you!)  Robin has agreed to be Interim Secretary.

To sort out these changes, your Board held an Emergency Meeting the Sunday before the September Meeting.   That allowed use to have a normal Monday Board meeting and not make it any longer than needed as we had two very informative speakers at the Monday meeting.

We are starting the process in October for looking for members who would like to help out on the Board.  We currently have 3 vacant seats.

A big thank you to Kathy, Sandy P and Tammy for all their hard work in the past year in growing the membership and running and growing your Community Association.

For now I remain..

Bill Bradley,

Interim President