Sandpiper Bay Community in Port St Lucie is part of the PSLPD Community Patrol program!

Community Patrol is an extension of the Port St Lucie Police Department and staffed by trained volunteers from our community.

Through their daily efforts we look to keep property values high, street and properties safe, and make Sandpiper Bay a desirable place to live.


  1. Be the eyes and ears of the Port St Lucie Police Department and report any issues to the Police Department.
  2. Provide a presence in the community to support neighbors and help deter crime.
  3. Look for code violations to help keep our community pristine, and report violations.
  4. Assist residents in identifying and reporting code violations
  5. Provide emergency response by immediately notifying 911 and assisting with medical or traffic crash scenes until official help arrives.
  6. Perform house checks for snowbirds and vacationers.


Did you know?

  • Volunteers complete a two-week course on patrolling and are then authorized by the City to drive the Community Patrol vehicle while assuming this role.
  • The Squad is made up of trained volunteers, men and woman, young and old.
  • Volunteers are not commissioned sworn officers and have no enforcement powers or authority. They are subject to the rules, regulations, policy and procedures of the Port St. Lucie Police Department & the City of Port St. Lucie.


If you have a couple hours a week to help in your neighborhood and would like to take the “Community on Patrol” volunteer training session, please download and fill out this form:



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