Sandpiper Bay Community

Historically known as the  Sandpiper Bay Homeowners Association, Sandpiper Bay Community is a non-profit organization open to ALL RESIDENTS of Sandpiper Bay in Port St Lucie, Florida. This is NOT your local Sandpiper HOA—of which there are 10 currently in Sandpiper Bay.  Sandpiper Bay Community is a separate organization focused on being a resource for all residents of the community.

Our mission is to provide news on community events, provide a forum for local speakers and provide a forum to meet your neighbors, including Snowbirds!

Community Membership

For only $35 per household annually, we provide an exceptional place to learn, relax and enjoy!

We supplement our exceptional city and county police through Community Patrol.  Specially trained and certified volunteers drive our streets and report back to local police or officials as needed.

Our Association has Buying Agreements for its members with the local Sam’s Club and BJ’s . Sign-up through us and save $$$. Local business provide savings to our members with coupons and discounts.

Our Association supports local Sandpiper Bay businesses, who in turn, Sponsor our organization and its activities by marketing on our website. Special offers often await members with a sharp eye!

Community Meetings

Sandpiper Bay Community meets every third (3rd) Monday of the month in January-May and September to November, at 6pm at The Saints Pub located at  2601 SE Morningside Blvd, Port Saint Lucie, FL Our meeting consists of a short Board Meeting followed by a featured speaker(s) speaking on a topic of interest to our Sandpiper Bay members. Sandpiper Bay Community is an opportunity for the approx. 5000 residents to get to know each other and socialize.

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