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The SBA Civic Committee stays on top of issues related to Sandpiper Bay, and informs members with relevant information.

Saints Golf Course Update

The Saints Golf Course has been partially closed since May 1st of this year to carry out essential drainage work. XGD Systems, LLC, a construction company, has been working on the drainage project and is now in the final stages of the work.

All Hazards Presentation

SBC wishes to thank Cathryn Skully and her team from PSL’s Office of Emergency Management  for her interesting and informative presentation Monday night. Here are the links that Cathryn discussed, as well as a feedback link.


Several residents have contacted St. Lucie County stating that an individual claiming to be a building inspector is knocking on doors asking to check air conditioning units. He knocks on the front door, shows what appears to resemble a “county badge,” and asks for a serial number and access to the rear of their property. […]