Agenda: Zoom Board Meeting on Feb. 15TH at 7PM

Board/Member Meeting Agenda

Date:               2/15/2021
Time:               7pm

Location:         Zoom


President’s Comments:

Introduction of speaker: (President)

            Jennifer Davis

            City of Port St. Lucie’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Project Manager

            Topic: “The Port District”

1. Establish A Quorum (Secretary)

Mr. Lee, Mrs. Lee, Mr. Millevolte, Mrs. Hitchcock, Mr. Hammer, Ms. Dunkel, Mr. Billitti, Ms. Suter

2. Secretary’s Report (President)

a. Approve Minutes of January 18, 2021 Board Meeting. (Vote)

3. Approve Treasurer Report (Treasurer) (Vote)

a. Reporting Period: 1/1/2021-1/31/2021

4. Committee Reports:

 a. Events/Social (Mr. Lee)
1. 19th Hole

 b. Ethics (Mr. Bradley)

 c. Adopt A Street/Adopt A Park (Mr. Mazjanis)
1. Adopt-A-Street Report – January, 2021
2. Volunteers: Ivars Mazjanis John Hitchcock, Patrick & Anna Carney, Bob Wade, Doug Mouch

d. Civic Affairs (Mr. Millevolte/Mr. Hammer)
1. Report
2. Current Action Status
3. Plans

e. Community Patrol (Mr. Bradley)
1. Community Patrol Report – January, 2021

f. Guest Speakers (Mrs. Hitchcock)

g. Marketing (Mr. Billitti)

h. Member Communications (Mr. Lee)

i. Press Relations (Mr. Lee)

j. Rules (Mr. Millevolte)

k. Social Media (Mrs. Hammer/Mrs. Black)

l. Technology (Ms. Pikulski)

m. Welcome committee (Ms. Dunkel)

n. Member renewal (Mr. Quaile)
1. New Members List Through 12/31/20
2. Non-paid Members

o. Code Compliance (Mr. Armstrong)

1. Report
2. Club Med

5. Old Business

6. New Business

7. Motion to Adjourn