Board – Member Meeting Minutes 3/15/21

Board/Member Meeting Minutes

Date: 3/15/2021
Time: 7pm
Location: Zoom


President’s Comments:
I would like to thank all of you for joining us this evening. We are still just using Zoom for our meetings but, when I sent out a reminder this morning, I asked for a reply as to who has received the Covid-19 vaccine. If we get enough yes answers we can go back to meetings at the Botanical Gardens. By a show of hands, how many of you would come to an “in-person” meeting? How many would still prefer Zoom? We got 22 replies back from the email and 16 said they would like to go back to live meetings.

Here is an update on the restaurant at the Saints Golf Course. As I told you last month the name will be “The Saints Pub – Where Saints go to be Sinners”. I met with the new tenant last week and we discussed how Sandpiper Bay Community and they can work together for the benefit of both parties. They are ready to open but can’t until they receive their liquor license. The window for golfers is open with a catering trailer selling liquor. As of March 23rd, they still don’t have their liquor license

Introduction of speaker: (President)
Joycelyn Tenboer
Technical Assistant
City of Port St. Lucie’s Public LIbrary
Topic: What the library has to offer our community
Can be contacted at 772-337-5636

Josie – thank you very much for a very informative talk and we look forward to meeting you at one of our in-person meetings.

1. Business meeting called to order at 7:38 pm

2. Establish A Quorum (Secretary)
Present: Mr. Lee, Mrs. Lee, Mr. Millevolte, Mrs. Hitchcock, Mr. Hammer, Ms. Dunkel, Mr. Billitti,
Absent: Ms. Suter

3. Secretary’s Report (President)
Motion to approve Minutes of February 15, 2021 Board Meeting.
First: Ms. Dunkle
Second: Mrs. Lee
Vote in favor: All

4. Treasurer Report (Treasurer)
Reporting Period: 2/1/2021-2/28/2021 – See Attachment A
Motion to approve February report:
First: Mr. Millevolte
Second: Ms. Dunkle
Vote in favor: All

5. Committee Reports:
a. Events/Social (Mr. Lee)
Still looking for a chairperson – we have lots of volunteers
Looking at a BBQ this fall/maybe October
New Saints Pub has agreed to a SBC night:
Dinner 5-7pm
Games 7-9pm
Will make the first night a “Big” event

b. Ethics (Mr. Bradley)
No activity.

c. Adopt A Street/Adopt A Park (Mr. Mazjanis/Mr. Lee)
1. January, 2021
10 miles/ 13 five gal bags/ 8 hours
2. Volunteers: Ivars Mazjanis John Hitchcock, Patric & Anna Carney, Bob Wade, Doug Mouch
3. The city has approved additional streets for us to adopt. SBC needs more volunteers. Only one day/month is required. Can help when taking your daily walk with the dog, etc.

d. Civic Affairs (Mr. Millevolte/Mr. Hammer)
See Attachment B

e. Community Patrol (Mr. Bradley)
1. The police department (PD) continues to focus on traffic related issues. The City recently completed a follow-up speed study, which was provided to Phil for his review. The PD plans on spreading out enforcement throughout the Westmoreland area instead the usual Anchorage Condo location.
2. The PD recently had a meeting with the church located at Westmoreland and Morningside regarding the traffic back-ups caused by the food distribution. The PD have worked with management to come up with a new car line design which we hope alleviates the traffic issues.
3. Status quo on the Community Patrol.

f. Guest Speakers (Mrs. Hitchcock)
Working on April’s speaker, depending if we have a Zoom meeting or in-person meeting.

g. Marketing (Mr. Billitti)
Has worked through the list of past sponsors and will be looking for new ones.

h. Member Communications (Mr. Lee)
Let the President know if anything is needed.

i. Press Relations (Mr. Lee)
a. Still looking for a Chairperson.
b. A recent survey showed that 75% of our homeowners did not know we have a civic association.

j. Rules (Mr. Millevolte)
No activity

k. Social Media (Mrs. Hammer/Mrs. Black)
Let Mrs. Hammer know of anything that would/should be posted on Facebook.

l. Technology (Ms. Pikulski)
Will prepare an email blast as to what members would like from the SBC committee.

m. Welcome committee (Ms. Dunkel)
Continuing to distribute plants from the Botanical Gardens to new homeowners.

n. Member renewal (Mr. Quaile)
1. Continues to work on new homeowners list
2. Thanks to volunteers: Dan, Richard, Mary.
3. Ms. Suter has expressed interest in helping with phone calls.

o. Code Compliance (Mr. Lee)
1. 19 Code cases were opened, 15 were closed, 4 parking warnings were issued, and one vehicle was red tagged to be towed.

2. Code continues its sweep of the community. Our focus shifting from storm shutters, which many have been brought into compliance, to property maintenance violations. Specialist Fisher has done a great job addressing high grass and weeds, open storage, accessory structures in need of maintenance, exterior in need of maintenance, and parking violations. All arterial roadways have been swept and we are now focusing on all auxiliary roadways to ensure compliance is achieved throughout the community.

3. Club Med Update: As you are aware, Club Med has sent a memo to the Mayor’s office stating it is their intention to reopen the golf course on July 1st. Staff has met with the Club Med general manager twice in February to show them specific areas that require maintenance. Hopefully in the coming months, the course returns to its previous maintained state and all concerns are addressed.

6. Old Business
No activity

7. New Business
1. New emergency traffic light at Port St. Lucie Blvd and Delano

8. Motion to Adjourn at 8:36pm:
First: Mrs. Lee
Second : Mr. Hammer
Vote in favor: All