City Paving Schedule


From our November Board meeting there was a request to our Councilwoman on how to find out WHEN your street will be paved. Here is the response for her assistant below:

It was a pleasure meeting you last night. As we discussed the City has a 10-year Repaving Master Plan and an Asphalt Rejuvenation Program. The Repaving Plan has been in place for many years and we have a website that discussed the plan and provides the full Master Plan:

Additionally, there is an interactive map that shows the schedule for roadways to be repaved and rejuvenated: On the interactive map, there are different selections on the layers pop-out that can show the streets and when they are scheduled.

As far as the Rejuvenation Program, the City is working to extend the life of our roadways with asphalt rejuvenation. The program started in 2022 and rejuvenates our roadways with reclamite emulsion, a penetrating sealer that helps protect asphalt from damage due to exposure to elements.  The Public Works Department contracts with Pavement Technology, Inc. to rejuvenate roadways throughout the City with the sealer.  The sealer used is a standard product that has been used successfully on roadways since 1970 and meets or exceeds all EPA, federal, state, local and industry performance requirements. By implementing this program, Public Works helps reduce the future costs of repaving, saves taxpayers money, extends the life expectancy of a roadway, and helps ensure a smooth ride on roadways for years to come. Please see the links below for more information and a Frequently Asked Questions section. I also included two videos that help residents understand the project and process.

Informational Links:

If you have any questions, please do not hestiate to let me know.