Elections for the 2022 Sandpiper Bay Community

Elections for the 2022 Sandpiper Bay Community Association Board are fast approaching

Can you spare a bit of your time to lead us next year?

Did you know that Sandpiper Bay is one of the FEW sub-divisions in Port St Lucie that HAS a Community Association?   We have had one for a long time.  Every year, we look to understand and address the needs of our residents.

Many of your neighbors over theses many years have volunteered a bit of their time and knowledge to help steer our Community Associations.  Our primary goals have not changed:  1. Keep our community association, strong, relevant and vital.  2. Keep property values high 3. Keep Sandpiper Bay clean and tidy. 4.  Keep our residents safe.   The residents work in concert with each other to make that happen.  This association is the way we communicate with each other and focus our energies to make this happen

2021 has been another unprecedented year with Covid-19 forcing a continued rewrite of how we live and work.

For your Association, it meant no monthly public meetings—using Zoom instead—and Board and Committee Meetings following mask and Social Distancing guidelines.

REGARDLESS OF THE CHANGE TO HOW WE WORKED, Your COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION NOT ONLY SURVIVED, BUT THRIVE–GROWING MEMBERSHIP BY 24% this year!    Thanks to all the Board Members and Committees who made this happen!

Consider Contributing as part of our Community’s Leadership Team in 2022

In January we hold our Annual Membership Meeting.    We expect to have that meeting IN PERSON once again.   It will be held Monday, January 17 at 6:45pm, being held at the PSL Botanical Garden.

WE NEED TO PLAN FOR THAT MEETING NOW:  We need members to consider running for a Board Seat or working on one of our committees.   Fresh faces, new ideas, people with different life experiences, all make our Community Association stay cutting edge and to reinvent itself each year.  ALL organizations need this to remain relevant.

As a volunteer, this is also a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to interact with City leaders and agencies.

Sandpiper Bay Community Association has 8 total Board Seats and 12 Committees.

2021 Board of Directors and their term status:

Mr. Lee                2021 President (1-Year Remaining)

Mrs. Lee               2021 Treasurer (0-Years Remaining)                         Running for another term

Mr. Millevolte   2021 VP                (1 Year Remaining)

Mrs. Hitchcock   2021 Secretary (1-Year Remaining)

Mr. Hammer      2021 Director     (2-Years Remaining)

Mrs. Dunkel        2021 Director     (1-Year Remaining)

Mrs. Suter           2021 Director     (2-Years Remaining)


We need at least four (4) association members to run for the 2022 Board.

For our consideration, the Committees that run our association are as follows.  Many have leaders and are in need of members to help out.

Adopt A Street

Civic Affairs

Community Patrol Liaison



Guest Speakers



Member Communications

Membership Renewal

Press Relations




Click (HERE) for an application to put your name forward to be a Director.

Bill Bradley, our past president, will be the Election Committee Chair for the 2022 Election.


Barry Lee,


Help make Sandpiper Bay Community even a better place to live!