November 2020 NEWSLETTER

November 2020 NEWSLETTER

All of the Sandpiper Bay Community Board hope that all of you are well and are observing the STAY-AT- HOME-STAY-SAFE objective. The country is not doing well, this means that the pandemic is not over or going away. As we have been instructed, only go out when absolutely necessary and wear a mask.

Monthly Board Meeting

The board is still working for SBC from their homes. We used the patio at the 19th Hole to have a board meeting on Nov 16th because the restaurant is closed (see below) This newsletter is longer than normal to keep you fully informed.

The board and committee chair-people have been having workshops to plan and working with the city to further improve Sandpiper Bay Community. We would welcome your input on what you would like to see SBC support in the near and distant future. Remember we want all of you to be part of SBC planning and events. Simply send an email to Be a “Neighbor helping Neighbors”.

There are many new residents in Sandpiper Bay that don’t even know that Sandpiper Bay Community exists. To contact these people, we mailed a “Welcome Package” that included a full information package to as many new residents as we can locate. We now do this on a monthly basis to all new residents that move into our neighborhood. If you know of somebody that has moved to our area recently, please send us their full contact information and we will make sure they receive a package. The Botanical Gardens will provide a shrub to any of these new residents that request it. We are always looking for volunteers so if you can help, please contact us.


Update of 19th Hole Restaurant – City has extended deadline for accepting offers for managing the restaurant. City wants to keep the name but is changing the logo.

Regarding the golf course, the city is not happy with the maintenance at this time. The city has budgeted over $500,000 to bring the course up to standard.

2021 Board Elections –

At this time, the election may be by mail, unless the Covid situation changes.

Bill Bradley will be sending an email requesting nominations.

Membership increases –

Membership is up 20% from last year. Increased interest through Nextdoor, Face Book, and our Welcome program has attributed to this.There have been 54 members either join or renew as of Nov 16th so far this month. Members can renew online from the front page of the web site once they log in.

Future Board Meetings – Uncertain, depending upon Covid 19 restrictions.

The city’s N.I.C.E. program have offered to help with Zoom for our meeting in January, 2021. Mr. Millivolte to get details.

Member input into our meetings under quarantine – A Survey was sent out in November regarding holding of meetings during the Covid situation. 48 members responded. 72% did not want to hold open meetings and if we did only 8% said they would/might attend. Of the last three questions there was only one member with a no answer to questions 3 & 4.


The minutes for the Nov 16th Board meeting have been posted her on the web site.

Community Patrol

The COP patrols for the city remain suspended due to Covid. I do not have a possible return date at this time. The Chief is aware of the willingness of some volunteers returning but we are still under the mandatory mask and social distancing. I will inform everyone as soon as we get the go ahead to patrol. Tom Andrew, Volunteer Coordinator, Port St. Lucie Police Department

We continue to wait the order from PSL police chief to resume.

Code Compliance

For the month of October, 27 Code cases were opened, 29 cases were closed, 9 parking warnings were given and one parking ticket was issued.

We are mindful that the holiday season is fast approaching, as such, we are trying to issue parking warnings prior to a ticket being issued. To this end, Specialist Fisher has been diligent in his sweeping of the Sandpiper Bay area. He has been addressing any parking violation he finds and educating residents on proper parking procedures. As always around hurricane season we have also made open storage a top priority. Should a named storm event occur, we want to minimize the danger to the community by removing as many items that could be dislocated by wind as possible.

During this time we have also been educating residents on storm shutter safety. You may have seen the electronic billboard on Crosstown asking residents to remove their shutters. We have kept a close eye on the tropics these last few months as this season in particular has been incredibly active. This will likely halt any enforcement regarding shutters until December 1st when hurricane season is over, and per ordinance, all shutters must be removed.

Club Med Update:

Code Compliance reached out to the general manager of Club Med Sandpiper Bay, Sophia Lykke. She was able to provide us with the following update: “We currently have no confirmed plans regarding the future of the golf course, but as soon as we do, we will keep you informed. The vision remains to open it as a leisure/recreation park, but we do not have a definitive date as of now.”

We did explain to her that the areas around Westmoreland and Treasure Island roadways must be maintained, as well as various areas throughout the course that have high grass and weeds. Given the current situation, we are trying to work with Club Med to find a solution to this issue that benefits all parties involved.

Code Compliance has had no contact with Mr. Batt since our last meeting. It would seem based off that conversation; they have decided against the baseball field and outdoor gymnastics area but are continuing with the plan to have a park on the course.

Adopt-a Street

Ivars Mazjanis, Sandpiper Bay Community chairman still has his volunteers hard at work keeping our designated streets clean from trash that uncaring people litter. Our 7 volunteers cover 10 miles of streets in Sandpiper Bay. Ivars is looking for a volunteer to cochair the program so that we can take on more streets.


The Christmas Party that was scheduled for Saturday, December 5th at Club Med has been postponed but not cancelled. Once it is safe, we will have a dinner to celebrate.

Club Med has reaffirmed the 30% Discount for SBC members showing their membership card

Westmoreland Improvements update – No response from the city about moving of radar sign on Westmoreland to closer to Port St. Lucie Blvd.

Sandpiper Bay Community Park sign – Sandpiper Bay Community (SBC) has requested to use the park sign for association information.

City checked back to 1961 regarding the sign and cannot find any information. This situation is ongoing with the city as we need place(s) to post SBC information. Status of request to lend/lease land at SBC entrances. Temporary signs are not allowed on pubic property. We have requested to use/lease the land for SBC signs. The city councilwoman received a report and sent additional questions for clarifications. We are still waiting for PSL’s legal departments input.

HOA/POA cooperation update – Mr Millevolte, Mr Hammer and Mr Lee have met with 6 HOAs representing 832 home sites. They are interested in working with SBC for the benefit of all. All agreed to let us address their residents with information and questions.


We have a new volunteer to chair “Member Communications” Mr Frank Quaile.

Our membership is increasing but we still need your help to ask your neighbors and friends if they are members. If they are not, have them visit our website and on the front page they click on “Become a Member”. If you have some time to volunteer, please reply and be a “Neighbor Helping Neighbors”


The Treasurer’s report to the end of October is posted on the web site.