Some Notes on Mayor Greg Oravec’s Departure (Members Only)


Mayor Greg Oravec and lived in Sandpiper Bay for a long time and always supported our endeavors. He has served both the city and Sandpiper Bay well and we will miss having him as our guest speaker at our board meeting every January. We wish him well in his step forward to the next part of his career.

The hope from Russ Blackburn, the City Manager is to have a byelection to fill the mayor’s position in September. In the meantime, the vice mayor Shannon Martin will take on the duties of mayor.

Some additional information from Christina Flores, Executive Assistant Office of the Mayor and City Council:

“The special election will be held on September 21st. We cannot speak to any possible candidates, only those that have filed. All persons interested in running in the special election have until 12:00pm on July 16th to file and qualify. The City will know at that date and time who the candidates are.”

As always, we welcome any questions members might have.

Thank you,

Barry G Lee


Sandpiper Bay Community

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